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Partnering Bank Toolkit (Small Dollar Loan Program)


Step 1 - Online Tracking Form (Verification)

Sample referral forms - Please verify the applicant (client) has the appropriate signed referral forms.

SAMPLE Checklist

SAMPLE Loan Referral 

SAMPLE Payroll Deduction Form (for employer referred applicants)

Please verify the applicant (client) has been referred by one of our active referral partners by comparing the online tracking sheet against the Loan Referral Form.

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Step 2 - Underwriting Guarantee Survey

This online survey will help you assess if the referred applicant (client) meets all program requirements. If you have verified all required documentation and meets all underwriting criteria, Next Step KC will guarantee their small-dollar loan. The completed survey will be sent to you and Next Step KC as verification. 

Underwriting Survey

Step 3 - Online Tracking Form (Status Update)

Please update the applicant's (client's) status on the online tracker. Please only enter the information requested. 

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Step 4 - Loan Status Codes

Please use these codes as to update the online tracker form.

Loan Status Codes

Next Step

Feel free to use these other resources to help any clients or customers. 

Financial Coaches

Financial Calendar

Other Resources - Partnering Bank Toolkit

Here are other forms and documents you can customize for your small-dollar loan program.

Small-Dollar Loan Credit Application 

Employment Verification 

Loan File Checklist


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