Small Dollar Loan Program 

The Small Dollar Loan Program provides access to small dollar loans that meet a specific financial need. This initiative (formerly known as Fair Community Credit) was created through the support of area foundations, banks, social service agencies and faith-based institutions that saw the need to develop fair lending options.

Our Tier I & II loans range between $300 - $500, offer access to conventional credit at a fair rate, provide an opportunity build and improve credit and develop a bridge between the borrower and a mainstream financial institution. Repayment ranges between 4-9 months depending on the loan amount. Financial education is available and highly encouraged for each borrower.

How the Program Works

Next Step KC is neither a bank nor a credit union and does not make direct loans. Rather, our Small Dollar Loan Program facilitates loans by enabling credit enhancement on a portfolio of loans generated to serve the those who do not have accounts at a financial institution. Only those who are referred by a Next Step KC Referral Partner are eligible to participate. Click here to see the referral process

Learn More

You can learn more about our program and see if your employer participates in our program.

An Alternative to Payday Lending

The Small Dollar Loan program is a practical alternative to payday lending - which can result in high service charges and cost more than the actual payday loan itself.

Taking Clients to the Next Step

Next Step KC hopes to grow their efforts by expanding the network of Referral Partners which include: social service agencies, faith-based institutions, employers and other community-based organizations. If you are interested in becoming a referral partner, please contact us for more information.


Community Referral Partners