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Publication 17 - 2015 Tax Guide for Individuals (English)

Publication 17 - 2015 Tax Guide for Individuals (Spanish)

Form 13206 Spreadsheet (xls)

Form 13206 Spreadsheet (xlsx)

Form 13614-C - Intake/Interview & Quality Review Sheet 

Form 13614-C (SP) - Intake/Interview & Quality Review Sheet (Spanish)

Form 13614-NR - Nonresident Alien Intake & Interview Sheet 

Form 13615 - Volunteer Standards of Conduct Agreement

1040X (Amended Return Instructions and Address- page 14)

Where to file paper tax returns with or without a payment.


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Form 4053 - Your Civil Rights (English/Spanish)

Form 4836 - VITA Free Tax Programs (English/Spanish)

Form 1084 - Site Coordinator Handbook

2018 Tax Site Flyer English/Spanish


VITA Site Coordinator Resources

Form 1084 VITA Site Coordinator Handbook

Form 1084 - VITA timeline

Site Review Sheet for IRS Compliance

Publication 4396-A - 2017 Partner Resource Guide

Crosswalk (A Guide to the VITA Process)

Kansas Homestead Refund Claim

Missouri Property Tax Credit Information

VITA Survey