Step 4 - Choosing a Lender (Holy Rosary Credit Union - Hawthorne Place)

Each of our partnering banks are ready and willing to help our clients with their small dollar need and additional banking information upon request.

Community Services League Location:

Hawthorne Place
16995 E Dover Lane
Independence, MO 64056
Contact: Arleny Arevalo, 816-254-4100

Step 5 - Loan Referral

The Loan Referral Form should be completed by the Referral Partner. This form serves as the client's "referral" and authorization to share personal information as it pertains to the loan. The completed form MUST be signed by the client (potential borrower) and Referral Partner. 

Small Dollar Loan Referral Form / Small Dollar Loan Referral Form en español

Step 6 - Client Demographics Form

Please have your client complete the online Client Demographics Form.  The contact information is required, however the demographics portion of the survey is not.

Online Client Demographics Form

Step 7 - Online Tracker - Hawthorne Place

Please complete the information below for each referral. Submission of this form is required and will be verified as a part of the underwriting process.

Is this a repeat referral? *
Referral Partner Facilitator *
Referral Partner Facilitator
By entering your name below, you are confirming you're authorized to send referrals on behalf of your organization.