Small Dollar Loan Program 

Next Step KC Small Dollar Loan program is ready to maximize efficiency and ensure capacity to meet the small dollar loan lending needs of the Kansas City metropolitan area.

After consideration, the board of Next Step KC, Inc., has transferred all the assets of Next Step KC, including the name, logo, and likeness to Community Services League (CSL). CSL is carrying on the work of Next Step KC, and is the exclusive operator of the program. CSL oversees a robust network of referral partners that refer our neighbors into the Small Dollar Loan program.

An Alternative to Payday Lending

The Small Dollar Loan program is a practical alternative to payday lending - which can result in high service charges and cost more than the actual payday loan itself.

How Does Next Step KC Work?

Next Step KC, under the ownership of Community Services League, connects potential borrowers to community-based credit unions and banks, who loan either $300, $500, or $1,000. A network of referral partners verify that borrowers meet certain criteria. The goal of Next Step KC is to help our neighbors avoid a toxic loan that they can’t repay, connect the borrower to a mainstream financial institution, and improve the borrower’s credit score.