Welcome to Next Step KC!

Welcome to Next Step KC!

Welcome our area’s alternative loan program! Next Step KC provides a viable solution to help families avoid predatory lending.

Next Step KC is a charitable loan program operated by Community Services League. Our mission with this program is to educate our community on toxic loan offerings and to provide affordable alternatives to those toxic loans. One of our newest loan program through Next Step KC is the Small Dollar Loan Program.

Next Step KC is only possible through collaboration and partnership with a network of lenders, nonprofits, and community supporters that have contributed time and financial resources to create this program. This has made it possible to offer alternative loans that are much more affordable and accessible that many of the toxic loans offered by predatory lenders today such as payday loans or title loans for example.

How does Next Step KC work?

A borrower can access a loan of $300, $500, or $1,000 by meeting minimum requirements and getting a referral through our referral partner network. Once approved, the borrower closes on the loan at one of our partner lending institutions. Our referral network includes organizations such as Guadalupe Centers, Law Office of Jessica Piedra and Jewish Vocational Services of Kansas City.

This sounds too good to be true – is it?

Next Step KC is a charitable program operated by Community Services League. A network of supporters, nonprofits, and lenders have used philanthropy to create these loans at interest rates that are a fraction of those charged by predatory lenders.

How do I benefit?

Next Step KC is a short-term loan, with lower interest rates than predatory lenders, and there are no fees with the loan. Many predatory lenders charge fees to roll over loans after two weeks, and that’s how the loan becomes unmanageable for the borrower. The borrowers benefit by having this positive credit reported to the credit bureau. Additionally, borrowers receive financial education and coaching.

Okay, I’m interested. How do I start?

Contact Us Here if you need to refinance a payday loan. Our pledge is to have a response back to you with 48 hours. Most of the time, we can respond in 12-24 hours. Please note, Next Step KC questions are only processed Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Is your organization interested in participating?

If your organization is interested in partnering with us on NextStepKC, Contact us here.

Small Dollar Loans

Small Dollar Loans

We believe in fair access to affordable loans that help people improve their financial situation. Before you consider a high interest rate loan, see if you're an eligible candidate for a Next Step KC small dollar loan to help with your pressing financial issue. 

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